our story

We've combined a team with backgrounds in the fields of cartography, web development, advertising and marketing so that we can become the missing piece in any puzzle.

fairlight interactive was formed in 2009 as a boutique agency specializing in mapping for high-profile attractions and web development for key community organizations. Our core team was formed of individuals with a strong shared history in the fields of cartography, web development, advertising and marketing. We focused on economic development, tourism and government related projects. In 2009 we formed a development partnership with Golden Shovel Agency and began building the Economic Gateway to create a comprehensive solution aimed at helping rural and regional organizations compete in the larger economic development world. Today, we continue creating new tools as well as improving and expanding on the original tools to provide the widest possible array of options for the Economic Gateway and Golden Shovel. The fairlight team remains the original core group of individuals who began with the company. Although the growth of our tools and capabilities has been extensive, our business model and product development has been planned to allow for maximum expansion under the original team without requiring extensive additions of staff and without adverse affect on our work.

a virtual reality

As a virtual company, our team members are able to live in the location of their choosing – and even travel extensively or relocate seasonally as desired – yet still work as a team with projects developing smoothly and information passing unhindered between individuals and clients. Our team members enjoy the opportunity to choose where they live based on quality of life rather than availability of employment, and have found that the reduced interruptions and flexibility of schedule inherent in a virtual office environment produce both improved productivity and increased time for personal projects and activities. The company is based in Minnesota, and the team originated in the region, but since its founding our team members have expanded beyond those boundaries, and have checked in from from across the US, as well as from various other countries. At the beginning of each year the team takes a winter break to meet in person (usually in a warmer climate), not only to review and plan the year's progress, but to strengthen and refresh the team relationship before the year ahead.