what we do

fairlight interactive works as the exclusive development partner of Golden Shovel Agency to provide services in the areas of research, development, maintenance, and consulting.


fairlight's production team dedicates time to keeping up with trends in software and web development, as well as specialized research upon request in areas of interest. We keep abreast of changing web standards in order to advise on methods of keeping websites compliant with the needs of various audiences. Regular investigation of available open source and other publicly accessible tools allows us to integrate new features and tools into websites, improving the user experience. We also investigate opportunities to develop new and customized tools and techniques based on industry-specific needs and requested functionality. Finally, we follow design trends in order to help keep sites and content looking fresh and contemporary.


Based on the needs and requests of the economic development industry, we continually expand on the Economic Gateway system, adding new features and tools to provide administrators and users the best presentation of content combined with ease of use. We can work with individual websites to integrate data and tools from third-party sources to create truly customized content and tools.


We are continually expanding the functionality of existing tools and developing new built-in modules for the Economic Gateway. We also maintain the current system and frequently upgrade features, security measures, and integrated third-party tools.


Having operated as a virtual company since its creation in 2009, fairlight interactive is ideally positioned to provide input and direction of the structuring and maintenance of a virtual business environment. We have advised on structuring processes so that team members in widely separated locations can be productive, share information and resources, and see unhindered and even improved project turnaround times. We have also provided special guidance on topics of team communication and maintaining accountability with virtual and independent contractors.